I placed an order with the website fema-study.com

I had successfully paid for the items to be delivered to my email and to my home. The guides were never delivered.

I filed a complaint with paypal, and assumed they had my back. Turns out that they don't cover "intangible" items. Thankfully, i requested the guides to be mailed, I told paypal that, and they requested him to provide a tracking number...

Mr. David Pickelhaupt, the owner of the website, had sent an EMPTY postcard envelope via USPS next day air, and provided the tracking number to an empty card. Paypal accepted it, and gave him his money back.

Don't trust this guy, he is a ***.

Monetary Loss: $326.

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www.fematestanswer.com He just changed the URL to avoid these complaints.


Horrible customer service. Cursed at me through my email when PayPal refunded me because they never delivered 5 exams I ordered.That was $90 that they tried to steal.Find your answers elsewhere.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1242744

All of the comments supporting the site the OP is complaining about were posted by the same user. Very obvious.

Same writing style, same words even, odd insistence on referring to the site by the URL. That alone is enough to convince me this site is garbage.


I heard of a lot about this guy. He claims he own fematestanswers.com what a



I recently purchased an answer and it took almost a week before they sent me the email for the answers.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #962207

The owner is an *** XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Providence, Utah, United States #932317

Report this guy to FEMA so they can DMCA his ***.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #942996

Lol you FAIL SAM a lot lol keep trying its building a case against you .

New Mexico, United States #927823

these guys are great awesome customer service great product fast delivery no one can touch them I highly recommend FEMA test answers the official site anyone who needs assistance

New York, Iowa, United States #926246

samien bissessar


This website seems to think that it can file false DMCA claimes

to FemaLiars New York, New York, United States #924721

Filing a false dmca is a federal crime and I'm sure they wouldn't , if someone did file a dmca it is traced and someone is is big trouble especially if revenue could be lost. I would suggest whoever filed it retracted before it's too late.

to Anonymous #925043

This website copyrighted "FEMA quick study..." Not specific files. They couldn't.

It's protected by creative common laws; which were enacted by FEMA when they uploaded the tests.

FEMA-study files false copyright claims and multiple lawsuits are pending.

to Anonymous Manassas, Virginia, United States #926095

If the website was in fact filing false dmca notices then it seems that the website will be in big trouble.

to FemaLiars New York, New York, United States #926249



We have replied to the customer and he did receive his information paid for. Customer was banned after our trust and safety team and legal department found his web site with our copyright material for sale, due to copyright infringement his site was removed.

No further information can be posted at this time to protect the integrity of our tutorial services.

We welcome all persons opinions good or bad www.fema-study.com

to FEMA-study.com #925040

Ah yes "trust and safety" it's one person. David Pickelhaupt.

Everything has come back to you.

The copyrights, domain reg, PayPal info.

You're an ***.

to FEMA-study.com #926600

Ohhh the US Postal Inspectors, FEMA and your host has shut your site down. Burn you smug ***!

Karma is a ***.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #927819

It appears that is a dmca was filed it was fake site is up and running.

Someone is going to have some legal issues I bet. SAM


Im not sure what your issue is but you seem to be unable to take care of a issue, have you tried to call the company or email them? They respond to all contacts. their email is contact@fema-study.com try putting something BIG AND BOLD in the subject

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